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About Us

For more than eight decades, Kurt Versen has designed and manufactured high quality, high performance commercial grade lighting products for clients worldwide. Specified by leading design firms, architects, lighting designers, engineers, and agencies, our specification-grade point source light fixtures are used in a wide spectrum of office, retail, government, entertainment, hospitality and institutional applications. Our products are designed to complement, rather than compete with, a broad range of architectural designs.

Our 140 dedicated professionals - averaging more than 15 years of service conceive, design, develop and produce all our products at our cutting-edge 125,000 square foot facility in Westwood, N.J. Our premium-quality products utilize incandescent, compact fluorescent, HID, and LED sources. From design to raw metal to finished product, every stage of our fully-integrated processes using state of the art equipment and the latest in lean manufacturing methods takes place in our facility providing the highest quality products for on-time delivery.

Research and development are at the very core of each and every product introduced. The unique characteristics of each new source are carefully evaluated and optimized in the reflector development process. Photometric designs strive to create the many optical patterns required to offer a full line of luminaries capable of achieving the desired architectural lighting solution. Multiple distributions are offered, each with uniform patterns and soft feathered edges. Aperture appearances in the ceiling are designed to eliminate glare from normal viewing angles. Wall washers are designed to evenly illuminate vertical surfaces while maintaining low brightness at the aperture.

Since our founding we have been recognized as an industry leader, with unsurpassed expertise in optical design and glare control. We have built our reputation client by client, providing sophisticated lighting solutions for some of the most prestigious architectural projects in the U.S. and across the globe.

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