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P942 Two 26-32-42W Triple Tube Lamps

Medium Wide Downlight, 8 3/8" Conoid Aperture

Model Application Aperture Length Width Depth Cut Out
Source Lumens Wattage Page
P942 Downlight 8 3/8" 19" 13 1/2" 7 3/4" 8 23/32" Two Triple Tube Lamps 1800 to 3200
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Optics and Applications

The optical system features an elliptical primary reflector and a parabolic shielding cone. Pattern edges blend softly with adjacent units. See model P949 on page 57 for deeper shielding and slightly narrower distribution.

Design Features

Construction allows easy access to all components. Vented air flow design lowers fixture temperature for optimal lamp performance. Fixtures accept Philips, Osram Sylvania, GE or other compatible lamps despite the variance in lamp bases. Maximum ceiling thickness 2". Ballast and lamp service from below.


A specular clear Alzak cone is standard. Optional colors and Softglow finishes are available. The housing and all structural parts are phosphated for corrosion resistance before being painted optical matte black for control of stray light leaks.


Fully electronic, microprocessor controlled with variable starting current for inrush protection to assure rated lamp life. Input voltage ranges from 120V through 277V. Operates 26W, 32W or 42W triple tube lamps interchangeably. Power factor .98, starting temperature 0 F (-18C), THD < 10%. Pre-heat start < 1.0 second. End of lamp life protection. Rated for > 50,000 starts.


Fixtures are pre-wired, UL and C-UL listed for eight wire 75C branch circuit wiring. Union made IBEW. Luminaire Efficiency Rating (LER) data is in the photometric directory located in Section Z.



R2 26" support rails.
R5 52" support rails.


BD Ballast disconnect.
DCE Double circuiting.
DM 5% Lutron SE. Specify watts and volts.
DM2 Dimming ballasts, two 42W. Specify volts.
DM7 3% Advance Mark 7. Specify watts and volts.
DME ECO Lutron. Specify watts and volts.
DMX 7% Advance Mark X. Specify watts and volts.
EM Emergency power includes integral charger light and test switch visible through aperture. Battery operation for 90 minutes.
F Ballast fuse.
V347 347V ballast.
WRL Wattage restriction label, specify wattage.

Lenses & Filters

LP Prism Lens, acrylic, 26-32W only.
LS Lamp shield, acrylic, 26-32W only.

Specular Cones & Bright Trims

G Gold cone.
H Mocha cone.
P Graphite cone.
T Titanium cone.
W Wheat cone.
Y Pewter cone.
Z Bronze cone.

Softglow Cones & Trims

S Softglow finishes: add S before color letters. e.g. SC for Softglow clear cone.

Finishes - Paint

WT White trim flange.
WHT White, complete trim.

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