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R6402 G8.5 Base, T4.5 Metal Halide

R6603 G12 Base, T4.5, T6, T7 Metal Halide

Wide Beam Downlights, 6" Conoid Apertures

Model Application Aperture Length Width Depth Cut Out
Source Lumens Wattage Page
R6402 Downlight 5 7/8" 14 1/8" 12 1/2" 9 7/8" 6 15/32" T4.5 MH Lamp, G8.5 Base 1600 to 6400
R6402-20277-AOE2 Downlight 5 7/8" 18 7/8" 14" 11 1/4" 6 15/32" T4.5 MH Lamp, G8.5 Base N/A
R6603 Downlight 5 7/8" 14 1/8" 12 1/2" 9 7/8" 6 15/32" T4.5, T6 MH Lamp, G12 Base 1700 to 7000
R6603-20277-AOE2 Downlight 5 7/8" 18 7/8" 14" 11 1/4" 6 15/32" T4.5, T6 MH Lamp, G12 Base N/A
R6603-150 Downlight 5 7/8" 18 7/8" 14" 11 1/4" 6 15/32" T6, T7 MH Lamp, G12 Base 15500
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Optics and Applications

This generation of high efficient, low brightness metal halide fixtures features precise new optics. Each lamp and base combination has a unique reflector system designed to optimize performance. A full line of downlights, wall washers, directionals and sloped ceiling products maximize design flexibility. Wide beam patterns range from 68 to 75. Companion fixtures on page R54 have narrow beams (10- 30) and medium beams on page R55 (44- 54).

Design Features

Kurt Versen downlight primary reflectors produce smooth patterns with feathered edges. The shielding cone achieves unparalleled control of brightness and is held by two torsion springs. A rigid steel housing protects and positions all internal components. A fine microprism glass lamp shield is standard. Maximum ceiling thickness 1 1/ 2". Top or bottom service.


Housings and structural parts are painted matte black suppress light leaks. The shielding cone is specular clear. A variety of special finishes and colors are available.


Electronic metal halide ballasts provide constant output. Thermal protection with auto reset, quiet operation and automatic shutdown at end of life. For emergency back-up system contact factory.


Product performance is dependant on quality sockets to provide reliable contact to the lamp. Kurt Versen uses sockets with redundant spring systems to retain the lamps.


Fixtures are pre-wired, thermally protected, UL and C-listed for eight wire 75C branch circuit wiring. All products are union made IBEW. Suitable for damp locations.



FMR6 For flush mount construction contact factory.
R2 26" support rails.
R5 52" support rails.


AOE1 Ballast 120V, auto-on restrike system, 75W max.
AOE2 Ballast 277V, auto-on restrike system, 75W max.
EC Emergency circuit with mini-can sockets and leads.
F Ballast fuse.
GU For GU6.5 base, T4 MH lamp.

Lenses & Filters

FR Frosting on lens, specify lens type.
LL Linear Lens.
UV UV Filter.

Specular Cones & Bright Trims

B Black cone.
G Gold cone.
GG Upper gold reflector.
H Mocha cone.
P Graphite cone.
T Titanium cone.
W Wheat cone.
Y Pewter cone.
Z Bronze cone.

Softglow Cones & Trims

S Softglow finishes: add S before color letters. e.g. SC for Softglow clear cone.

Finishes - Paint

WT White trim flange.
WHT White, complete trim.

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